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CME does not want to limit a company’s use of qualified experts just because they are not known to CME. If a company has a relationship with, and confidence in, experts that are not yet designated by CME, the company can propose an on-site assessment with a new expert, provided the company submits specific background information on that expert for review by CME.


In making this review, CME’s objectives are:

  1. to establish that the expert is a bona fide professional services provider with appropriate experience in the specified areas, and

  2. to prevent instances of self-dealing between companies and related-party service providers.


After review by CME staff, if approved, the new service provider will be added to the list of designated experts and will be available to conduct assessments for other eligible companies.



CME is currently accepting applications for professional service providers with experience in the areas of productivity improvement, advanced technologies; including Design, Engineering and Virtual Manufacturing Technologies, Processing, Fabrication and Assembly, Inspection, Communications, Logistics and Supply Chains, Automated Material Handling, Integration and Control, Development and Implementation of Advanced Technologies or Product Development, Manufacturing and control management, and Quality management.


To be eligible to apply as a QSP, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Registered consulting business

  • Minimum two years consulting experience in the competency area[s] that you have selected


Note: if you are applying for more than one competency area, please ensure that you provide a reference for each.

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Becoming a Qualified Service Provider

Role of the Qualified Service Provider

The qualified service provider is required to provide a study proposal to the applicant that will include the type of assessment to be conducted, process of the assessment, context, the time frame, a breakdown of the costs and expected outcomes of the completed assessment.


This proposal must be submitted by the applicant along with their application for an on-site assessment. It is important that the proposal provides enough detail of the assessment to allow CME to base a decision of approval.Upon completion of the assessment, a final report must be submitted to the applicant. This report shall include the report of findings during the assessment and recommendations for further improvements. Recommendations included should align with the SMART Advanced Technologies for Global Growth program, which could allow the company to apply for project funding. For additional details, view the project application guidelines here.


A completed assessment does not mean that a company's application will be grandfathered for automatic project funding. A project funding application must be submitted separately and will be evaluated based upon its overall merits.


Companies are not required to work with a SMART-approved QSP for project applications.


QSP Application and Fees

A non-refundable fee must be submitted along with the application; see table below for pricing. Qualification as a QSP for the SMART ATGG program does not carry over to the FedNor SMART program; a separate application must be submitted as references in the areas of expertise for each program are required.


Note: Until your application has been accepted and payment is received in full you will not be considered a QSP for the SMART-ATGG Assessment Program.



1 participating consultant

Total: $1,130.00

Fee: $1,000.00

HST $130.00

2 participating consultants

Total: $2,260.00

Fee: $2,000.00

HST $260.00

3 participating consultants

Total: $3,390.00

Fee: $3,000.00

HST $390.00

4 to 10 participating consultants

Total: $3,955.00

Fee: $3,500.00

HST $455.00

More than 10 participating consultants

Total: $8,475.00

Fee: $7,500.00

HST $975.00

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Applications can be emailed with credit card payment to or sent by mail with a cheque or draft to:


Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

55 Standish Court, Suite 620

Mississauga, ON

L5R 4B2


Attention: SMART Program – QSP Application FedDev



Once approved, Qualified Service providers will be listed on the SMART website. Applicants wishing to schedule a preliminary assessment must select a qualified service provider from this list.


For further information, please contact us at 1-877-913-4263 or via email at

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