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Role of the Qualified Service Provider

The qualified service provider is required to provide a study proposal to the applicant that will include the type of assessment to be conducted, process of the assessment, context, the time frame, a breakdown of the costs and expected outcomes of the completed assessment.


This proposal must be submitted by the applicant along with their application for an on-site assessment. It is important that the proposal provides enough detail of the assessment to allow CME to base a decision of approval.


Upon completion of the assessment, a final report must be submitted to the applicant. This report shall include the report of findings during the assessment and recommendations for further improvements. Recommendations included should align with FedNor’s Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario which will allow the company to further apply for funding under the program. For further details, view the website here.


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A completed assessment does not mean that a company's application will be grandfathered for automatic project funding with Industry Canada FedNor. All project funding applications must be submitted independently to FedNor and will be evaluated based upon its overall merits.


Although CME has completed a background check on each company, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they choose the consultant that meets their requirements. If you have a company that you are working with who is not SMART-qualified, they must complete an application to become a QSP


CME is currently accepting applications for professional service providers. If you are a consultant and would likemore information on becoming a SMART-qualified service provider, click here.

FedNor QSPs

List of SMART-Approved QSP's for Northern Ontario

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This list has expired.

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