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Success Stories

Unified Engineering - Presentation by Ed Veckie, Vice President




“This email is to express our appreciation for the assistance and guidance Xiris Automation Inc. has received during the application process. The online application process was relatively easy to navigate. Although eligible expenses were not well understood at the beginning of the application process, we did receive assistance from your office that helped throughout the rest of the process. 
My recommendation to any company seeking support from this program would be to have a well structured business plan with respect to expansion on new product commercialization, as well as a solid marketing plan related to increasing export sales. I do however believe that as any program, improvements can be undertaken to help promote exports and economic growth in the small and medium business sectors.”


Alex Romano, Controller

Xiris Automation Inc.

“SMART forced me to look at the larger picture and was a catalyst to speed up the process of innovation. How could we excel in quality, scalability, reach foreign markets and increase profitability? How could we create a formidable competitive edge to support our core business? How could we pivot to change our business to go into more lucrative markets and sustain a competitive advantage? These questions were guidelines to help with forming a rationale for our funding proposal. Thanks to the SMART Program, I was able to dedicate the time involved to pursue the vision and drive it to completion.  SMART afforded me the ability to be a professional and take the time and resources to do this.”

Ed Veckie, Vice President

Unified Corp.

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